Airen in AssToMouth An Invitation to Trample 1

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Category: Feet


Date: January 6, 2013

Airen visited Kandy's house to have some trampling fun. Kandy loves trampling, and she always has one of her human rugs nearby for when she feels the need to get aggressive on her rug. After a long hour of gnashing his flesh with her heels, it's incredible how happy she is. She invited Goddess Airen today to walk on her naked feet and trample upon him. The feet of Goddess Airen are beautiful and Mistress Kandy thought they would be a good fit for her rug. This is especially true when Goddess Airen stands full weight on her rug for an extended, LONG TIME! Kandy, Mistress Kandy, relaxes on the couch while Goddess Airen inflicts more cruelty upon her rug. Her favorite thing is to persuade Goddess Airen that she should be more brutal until Goddess Airen bounces with all of her weight onto the rug.

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