AnalAbuse Mia Ass Slam

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Category: Rubber


Date: June 12, 2017

Goddess Mia arrives in the room with only bra and pants. As always, her ass looks stunning. Wow! The stupid, unworthy slave had been sitting on the sofa and was waiting for her to punish him. SheaEUR(tm),s clear to say how fortunate he is. SheaEUR(tm);s willing to take thousands of his place, as well as many others masturbating on a daily base while she looks at her genitals. He is aware that he must perform, or else heaEUR (tm)s just as bad as before. He sits down and she bounces around on his chest, stroking him hard. She continues to torment him as she bounces between his stomach and his chest. Before she can sit down on her stomach, Mia has him kiss his cheeks. Mia gets more excited and she jumps off his head onto his chest before he does the same. SheaEUR(tm), literally takes his breath away. AEURoeEvery girl needs a slave to abuseaEUR she laughs as she takes flying leaps between his face and his torso, stopping to only stoke his cock. She says that aEURoeMen should be punished every dayaEUR, but she couldn't have said it better. It's now your turn, she says as she points at the camera with her bared fet and requests if you would like some. With her genitals, she says that she would break your nose. Look at her amazing cheeks. Broken nose is a minor price. Before she leaps onto her stomach, she bends forward and wails at you. There is more bouncing. SheaEUR(tm), who is having lots of fun, loves hearing the slave grunt and moan. She says, "AEURoeI could do this all the day." She rubs the slaveaEUR (tm), keeping him close to the edge, until finally she just sits down on him and begins vigorously touching his skin. ItaEURoeItaEURtm is good for themaEUR, she said. Until then, she slaps their balls and sits again. ItaEUR(tm), now itaEUR(tm), is a complete ass smother, while the slave kicks in his air. She says that he would like me to stroke him more, and ignores his constant thrashing. She sits on his back and strokes his thighs. It's amazing how far you can go.

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