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From: hotlegsandfeet

Date: August 19, 2005

All you boys who are naughty. You remember me? This is Ariel. You probably last saw me when I went to visit Wiska my girlfriend. We had lots of great fun, but now I am back at home and feeling really hot. The urge struck me to try something new, so last weekend I decided to go to the strip club to have a drink. The energy was high, and there were many girls on each stage dancing, which made the men go crazy. I was quickly energized by the Vibe at the club. I spent almost the whole night at the V.I.P. Alisson, a sexy blonde called Alisson joined me in the lounge. She invited me back. Her boyfriend arrived shortly after she got there. I recall seeing him at the club earlier. It was a wonderful surprise. After a short time, we relaxed before heading to the bedroom. Alisson, George, and I were standing next to the bed and began kissing. Alisson, on the other hand, was rubbing his back while I ran my hands over his chest. Alisson raised her leg, and George began to rub her nylon tightly. He grabbed my genitals and began rubbing it. Alisson took off his shirt, and I undid it. Alisson began kissing me as George squeezed and rubbed my tight little tummies. Alisson reached out and started to stroke my horny, erect twat upwards and downwards. Alisson and George moved to Alisson's bed, where George began to rub her pussy while I kissed and licked her entire body. Alisson climbed up onto her knees and George and I continued to rub her pussy, and then lick her entire body. Alisson began to lick and suckle on my tits. Her mouth was so wet and warm, that my nipples shook. Alisson lean forward, placing her ass high up in the air. I lay down and she began touching my foot and leg. George began to lick and kiss her foot and shoe, slipping off of her pants. Alisson pressed his cheek against George's cheeks, and he began to give her pussy some good tonguing. Alisson began to lick and suckle my toes and took my shoe off. George returned to her feet and began kissing her foot and shoe all the while. Alisson's shoe was on the floor, so I started slipping off and grabbing at its spiked heel. George then leaned in and kissed my cheeks. Alisson continued to lick and kiss my toes. George was still licking and kissing my toes so I reached for his thick cock and began to stroke him. George began to rub her feet on Alisson's cock by slipping off Alissons shoe. I then unfastened George's bra. Alisson wrapped George's feet around George's long, hard cock. She began to stroke him. Alisson began to lick my feet as I was rubbing my feet on his chest. George went to Alisson and took his foot. He started sucking. Alisson then rolled over on his back and took his pants off. After she lifted her leg, I reached up and licked her feet before I began sucking her toes. George stood up on the bed. I reached for his cock, grabbed it and began jerking Alisson off. I took her foot out of my mouth, and put George's cock inside my mouth. Alisson began to rub his balls with her feet as I continued to bob my head. Alisson began to stroke him with her feet as I removed his hard, slick cock. George started sucking and rubbing on my tits. Alisson kept stroking George up and down, so I wrapped my lips around him. Alisson continued to stroke George's cock, and I began to lick her sweet twat. Alisson took her feet out from George's cock, and he began to slide in her pussy. I then went over to Alisson and put my pussy directly above his face. My cunt was swollen and she began to lick it. She started to lick and suckle her feet. George stood tall and I began to slobber his thick, hard cock into my mouth. Alisson stroked George with her feet. He slipped his smooth cock into my mouth, and I began to fiss with Alisson. As he pulled her slick cock out of her mouth, I lay down and began to rub her cunt with mine. She licked my wet hair and sucked my clit. Alisson started rubbing her snatch fast and hard, George grasped my foot, and Alisson grabbed the other. Alisson began to rub my foot against my tits. I began to teasing Alisson with my wet feet. George sat down, stuffed Alisson's throbbing cock in his juicy cunt and then rolled over. Alisson started eating my pussy as I reached down to rub it all over. George kept pounding away on her messy cunt over and over. George began pulling her thick cock from the wet cunt, then pushing it back in. Alisson began to kiss my feet, and I returned to my wet twat. George continued to work hard, fiddling her pussy hard. She pulled, and then she got on her fours. We both began to rub our genitals. George started to finger her and spit on her disgusting cunt. Alisson wrapped his feet around her cock, and she began to stroke him. Alisson was standing right behind me as I got in doggy. George continued to play with her pussy, while Alisson licked my wet and juicy snatch. George got up, pushed his long-hard cock into her puss and went as far as he could. As George continued to fuck her pussy, I laid down again and began to rub my cunt upwards and downwards. Alisson started to rub on my tits while I was laying down. George came to me and stroked my feet while Alisson sucked his cock. After I had stuffed the cock into my mouth and gotten it all clean, I then gave my split-toe foot job to Alisson. Alisson wrapped his lips around the cock, and she began to bobble her head. Alisson sat down facing George and Alisson quickly climbed up to the top. He twisted his wet, throbbing head in Alisson's horny twat as he pulled out to taste her sweet sweetness. It was a great tease, so I pressed my face against her soft thighs to get more sweetness. George continued his fucking. His wet, pussy-coated cock was then slid from her puss to my lips. As I was rubbing her wet cunt, he stuffed the thickened cock into her little ass. Alisson began giving him foot jobs, and he slid the cock out of her tummy. I joined them quickly. As I sucked on his balls, she began to nip him. George pulled his cock in her puss. I got on my knees to get off the ground and she began filling my tits with water as she rubbed my cunt. Alisson started to rub her feet on mine tits. George pulled her cock from her pussy, and stuffed it in her ans. After grabbing her thick cock, he pushed it out from her genitals and then reinserted. After he had finished, he took his cock and gave it to me for a bite. Alisson and me both get up on our toes. I began to slobber his cock really well before giving it back Alisson. George spits on his ass, then he mounts up high and stuffs her big cock in her stomach before pulling it out again and glancing at her. As George moved his cock back and forth between her and her ans, I began to rub her neck. His cock was shoved in his mouth, then he pushed it back into her stomach. He was pushing her up harder than ever. George continued to pound away, and I began toeing her neck. Alisson and me jerked, and he stood. We wrapped our legs around George's thick cock and began to stroke his feet. Alisson and me sat down, and we began to rub our tits together. George then jacked our feet. Alisson completed stroking George's cock with his feet. I followed suit.

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