Ashley Adams

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Date: October 10, 2016


Thats how youd describe"the hole" we found at a modest adult bookshop in a non-descript part of a town some time ago. Before we discovered it, no one knew about The Hole. Currently, its"cruisy". Its in fact, the shop owner is currently growing very conscious of the total amount of foot traffic. Hes worried about Cops. When Super-Slut Ashley Adams billed in and immediately asked,"wheres the activity!?" , our store owner got a little freaked out. In actuality, he denied any knowledge of anything whatsoever. What exactly does Ashley do? Well, establish shes not a cop, obviously! With that business from the way, its on into The Hole, in which Ashley gets banged out before she squirts, takes such a profound cream pie. . .shes off to the drug store to get shes or a Plan B tablet gonna be making infant plans!!!

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