AUDITIONS Fuckboy For Domme Boss

Tags: Auditions   Hand Job   Powerful Woman

Category: Handjob

From: mistresst

Date: August 28, 2016

It's your first job and you are starting to notice that something is different. The male workers seem eager to please their boss, a hot and intimidating woman. You are instructed to bring files to her home in the evening. This is unusual, but it will make an impression. You will learn the truth about whatA's going on in work once you get there. TheyA're not just her employees. They work and they sexually serve their dominant boss. You are told that your audition will be tonight. She would like to see how your cock performs. You are able to overcome your anxiety and overwhelm by the amount of work it takes to reach climax. You are immediately attracted to her. Her touch, her voice and her way of speaking make you feel so special. You already know you are falling for her charm when she describes how sheAll use your mouth and cock to her delight.

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