Bellatrix in EncouragedBi Boy From The Box Part 5

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Category: Rubber


Date: December 3, 2017

The final clip of this series. Lady Bellatrix has now placed her sissy into the tub. She walks in to the bathroom with her large black strapon and finds the little bitch crying like a baby. She begs him not to bring his sissy to the party, as he did last time. He should feel encouraged by her, as he has a calling to be a womanizer and should want to do the same for her. The black cock is soon going down the throat of the slut. Bellatrix is happy with how her slut learned to sucking cock. She comments that she hopes to make a lot of money tonight as a slave serving every man who comes to her with cash. Bellatrix questions if you actually enjoy sucking cock, and she whips your face when the whore cock is not satisfied with her enthusiasm. Bellatrix gives Bellatrix a description of how she envisions the evening unfolding. The slut then gets out of her pants and stands against the wall to get her sissy cunt fucked. The slut starts with sticking her fingers up to show off her snatch, then she adds more until she has a full finger. The slut soon starts moaning, and she is able to show her true colors. She can't wait to go, even if it means that she will beg not going at all. Bellatrix now brings her cock to her bitchaEUR (tm)'s sluthole and is soon riding her as hard she can. Bellatrix wraps her arms around the hips of her slut and continues to fuck her. It's a hard-hitting, brutal fuck. She slaps her and before long her mouth is wide open. The slut is told how many cocks will she take at the party and how many she plans to serve. She also explains how she would like her to seductively move her genitals in order to impress men. The slave must now get back to her knees in order to seduce the cock she just had fucked. The Lady Bellatrix has trained this bitch to be a 100% female. You can be trained by her too.

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