Bi Facebusting T's Ass Crack Spit Licker

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Category: CBT


Date: October 31, 2019

Ms. T would like to train her slave how to deal with humiliation at a high level. She is now standing on the toilet throne, teasing her slave with her sexy sex while he kneels beneath her and asks for her. She grabs a glass of wine and pours her spit into it. The spit is poured down her ass crack, just like her loverA. The spit is poured into her crack, and she shoves it into her sexhole using her finger. He even lets her hold his finger so she can smell all the delicious aromas. She then orders her slave to take her asshole and crack filled spit. As she verbally humiliates him, the slave follows her every command. He even grunts like a pig as she tries to get him to stick his tongue in her ear. After all this fun, she decided that he should be punished. He is placed on his back under the toilet throne. She tells him that he will have to eat anything she gives him. It will all be described in great detail by her.

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