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Date: August 01, 2008

I'm Sandra, a blond , gloomy Czech chick with a tight, sexy body. I'?? M home today, as I so often do enough nobody to play with feeling horny. That's when I chose to open my own mailbox. As you know most of the time it's crap or invoices, I had been surprised to see you in my box this morning, you still didn'?? T you aren, and come here in order to gather something'? T. So what? You need to watch? I thought you'd never ask. Come In! I slowly begin to strip, touching my body, as I remove my clothes piece by piece, grabbing my tits, massaging my belly & back between my legs. That is fun, no? I pull my topand get started squeezing thempushing them together as I run my hands across my nipples, massaging and pinching them. Watch them up? Because I lay on the sofa, running my hands squeezing my tits, teasing my nipples, I just take off my top. I can feel myself getting wet so I open my own shorts and started rubbing on the outside of my pussy. It'?? So soft & hot down the road. I wiggle out of my shorts and then spread available my tight pussy and get started massaging my clit, I slip my fingers fucking myself, moving my hands. I put down on all fours and finger from behind, rolling it between my fingers and rubbing my clit! I then run my tongue up and take my dildo & down it, twirling my tongue across the tip before I slid it I slip it out so far back as I can! I slip the dildo out of my mouth and right I lay back down on my side with my tight pussy clinging to the dildo as I slip it in & out over & over again with long, deep strokes! To ensure pussy and my bum are all pointing up, I flip over and that dildo is slammed by me back inside my wet pussy, out & in even deeper than before. This feels really good! I keep sliding the dildo in & outside & till I attain orgasm massaging my clit! The dildo slides and lick the sweet juices left in my dripping pussy! Hmmm, that's good!

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