Diana Doll Toe Sucking, Silvia Saint and Sue together!

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Date: January 23, 2009

Hey Guys recall me it is Silvie together along with my girlfriend the two sexy and hot blonds out of Czech Republic, . Well we're back at it . Ever since I met Sue I couldn't stop thinking about her, and the way my body touched and fucked my pussy. I hadn't seen her since that day but last night I had a dream about her, I awakened this afternoon with a pussy along with the burning desire to see her. I've been waiting all day and that afternoon I stopped by the lingerie shop to satisfy her I was just at the time, she was about to get off. We went and had a drink, I informed her that I had been interested in her and also told her. She stated that she was interested in me as well and had hoped that I would stop by the shop soon. I invited her back to my apartment for girl 16, When we finished our drinks. Once back in my location, just like before we wasted little we began touching and caressing each others sexy bodies, running our had all over. Sue started rubbing against my leg, caressing it gently, it felt good to get her touch my body . It was like I had remembered and dreamed of. I laid back down as she slowly slipped my foot and it apart, Sue began to lick at my shoe. She softly kissed my foot, then before sticking my foot in her hot moist mouth, flicked her tongue by one. I reached down and unclipped her stockings and then teasingly rolled them down her hot legs slowly pulling them. I running my tongue across them kissed and rebounds her feet. I started licking at her hands and grabbed her hand, from the top to base. Sue reached down and removed my stockings by one, she began gently licking my bare thigh and licking and as she'd breath out I could feel the warmth. I had been becoming so excited I could feel my pussy getting wet with anticipation of what she'd do. She kissed my leg gradually working her way back and licked. She caught my hands stuck on my head inside her mouth, then her tongue was so soft and moist and her mouth felt so hot. She was sucking very soft in the beginning, but she started sucking harder as she bobbed her head up and down, like it was a prick sucking on my thumb. She pulled my head away from her hot moist mouth and started licking and sucking on my fingers. I rubbed my foot on her tits and unfastened Sue's bra, teasing her nipples with her feet. Sue got on all fours, I removed her panties slowly pulling them over her tight round buttocks, down her legs and over her small toes, slowly licking and kissing them. Sue's thumb was stuck by me and bobbed up and down, twirling my tongue about it. Sue started licking and kissing my feet and stripped me. She caught my hand and one by one began licking my hands. I began to run it all and caught my feather. I ran my feather round her tits. I ran it down and up and then took my feather the insides of her thighs, slowly working my way down. The feather ran over her toes from the tips of her toes down to her heel, and back again, over and over. I dashed it over her palms and palms and took the feather. I teasingly touched Sue's pussy with my feather before I again licked and kissed her feet. I put down and began rubbing Sue pink pussy along with my feet, I pressed up my toe from her clit, because she did the exact same to 34, rubbing it. I could feel my toes becoming wet out of the juice dripping out of her pussy. I spread open her pussy it felt so warm and moist. Sue leaned forward and licked her pussy juice from the bottoms of my feet and out of my toes. We all chose to touch and I crawled over to Sue and caress each other's bodies. Now that our pussies are juicy and hot we see what we can find and will dig deep to our toy box of pleasures. If you write us maybe next time we will let you encounter along, although sorry no boys allowed! See you next time!

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