Dolled Up

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Category: Domination


Date: March 17, 2017

Adorable Lydia Black is going to join O.T.'s broad selection of sex toys that are perverted. She is just right to substitute the doll he broke last 24, once he ' s obtained her. Lydia believed she was meeting before she headed home, but at this point she will be fortunate if she ever sees daylight. He even takes his time in stripping her naked, moving over every inch of the body looking for any defect. She' s vulnerable and humiliated, trying to ignore how dirty phrases and his hand make her sense. Lydia is one grab that is sexy. Flexible and poseable, this could be the little punching bag. Metal restraints pull her limbs out wide as a latex mask leaves her . When he starts working her pussy with the whip she attempts to scream and fight, but in the long run it starts to seem much more like moaning than anything else. A check between her thighs reveals him that she is adapting to her new life nicely. Dripping wet, Lydia thinks that when she can suffer through enough he will reward her . It s true, in a sense, because he has 8 inches of steel available to extract many orgasms from her weak, mistreated cock socket. He operates her pussy till she squirts, starts railing her buttocks with the metallic penis. Both holes depart her bucking as the waves of roll .

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