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Date: July 15, 2010

We have Cole Streets, a large sampling of San Francisco this week. Cole, who is 31 years old and a native of San Francisco, weAre huge fans. We would have to, because everything about the stud is bigger than life. There are plenty of Cole at 6A'5 with a thick 8-cock. Line up! HeA's in store for some treats since weA've welcomed back a local hung to join us. Drake Jaden has arrived and Cole is in good hands. According to our sources, Drake is expected to be there soon. When they were young and inquisitive, we asked them what their dreams were for the future. ColeA's first memory is of his desire to be a vet. ColeA loved the thought of working with animals and helping puppies. Awwww. Drake, on the other side, really wanted to become a dentist. He grins and says that I always wanted to use my instrument in people's mouths. It seems that this dream did not completely go stale. These two were asked if they knew of anything that could make them better. Cole would love to be able to seduce his own cock. Drake snatchs the initiative and states that heAd likes to be able throw his legs behind him and enjoy his own suck. They got nothing to roll A'EM! The two of them start to talk on the sofa and they soon get closer. As their hands start to move, they begin to kiss. Drake takes the first out of his shorts, and his cock is protruding from his underwear. Cole cannot resist the temptation to try it, as he begins to lick that knob which protrudes from his shorts' waistband. Cole pulls the pants down, grabbing all that thick cock from his lips. Drake mumbles as Cole shows him how he can. Drake enjoys the attention that heA's receiving, but soon wants to return it. As Cole gets out of his clothing, he sees his 8-cocked first. Drake snatches his whole cock from ColeA's hand and eats it whole. Cole is astonished as Drake kneels down between his legs to service his throbbing, aching cock. Drake licks his shaft, making sure that he also delights his smooth balls. Cole couldn't get enough of Drake so heAs on his knees, giving Drake the chance to play with his mouth. Drake gently shoves his dick into ColeA’s throat. Cole decides that he would like his tongue to expand even further. Drake climbs on to all four of them as Cole begins to indulge in his outrageous antics. Drake grunts as he cleans his kitchen. Cole then straddles Drake. DrakeA's rock-hard cock is lowered by him. Cole begins to ride the cock once that hot ass has subsided and DrakeA is feeling all of his dick. Cole presses the cock hard on DrakeA as his balls wrap around the base. Soon Drake starts to get his cock into ColeA's ear, wanting him to have a good time. That dick is huge! Cole groans as he takes that dick deeper. Drake gets Cole onto his back to fuck him. Drake then slides into ColeA's stomach and begins to pump him in faster and faster. As he pushes ColeA inside, he holds ColeA's legs high. Cole grunts and takes that giant dick. Drake flips Cole and then mounts the doggy. He drives his dog in faster than ever, and Drake's balls are a slap on that ass. Cole is a cum. Drake grabs Cole at the waist and spits on him. As he draws out his hot load, ColeA pulls on Cole's waist and sprays it all over the back. Drake then kneels down and Cole stands, while Drake shoots the huge load over DrakeA.

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