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Category: Domination

From: everythingbutt

Date: July 12, 2019

Ella Nova, dressed in lavender lingerie and holding a butt-plug with bejewelled beads, rushes to clean the bathroom for Dana DeArmond, her Stepmother. When her Stepmother steps in, she gets down on her knees and scrubs the floors. Dana, dissatisfied by the work sheA's done, takes Ella to the counter and bends over her. Dana pulls EllaAAs pants down, and then lifts one her legs onto the counter. This exposes her bejewelled and pussy. Dana pulls the plug out of EllaA's mouth and informs her that she will punish her. EllaA grabs the double-ended acrylic toy, and she plunges it into EllaA's hole. Dana takes a Bad Dragon Dildo, and then she shoves it down her throat. She covers it with her spit before pushing it into EllaA. While she fucks EllaA with the Bad Dragon dildo, Dana presses a Hitachi vibrator onto EllaAA's clit. Dana raises EllaAA's dress, covers her face with her ans and forces her to lick the crack. Dana adjusts the vibrator according to her needs, while Ella rubs her face with her large beautiful cheeks and licks it hard. Dana then straps on an enormous dildo that is the same size as her arm. Ella gets down on her knees, and her Stepmother pushes her large cock into EllaA's sexhole. Ella is fucked deep into her genitals by Dana, and Ella then cums hard as she gets fucked. Dana then inserts a cone-shaped rainbow color plug into EllaA’s ans. It is pulled out by Dana and she sticks her entire hand into EllaA’s genitals. After she fist-fucks EllaA, Dana then licks EllaAs huge gaping asshole. Dana wants to make her even worse so Ella takes Dana's hand and puts two large anal beads in her hole. Dana finally snuffles EllaA with the whole Slink Toy and then cleans it up with a waterenema.

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