Faye Taylor in Wetting Halloween 2018

Tags: Wetting   Diapers

Category: Kinky Fetish


Date: May 24, 2019

halloween All my fellow ABDLs can attend a special Spooktacular party that IaEUR(tm). IaEUR (tm), a white mesh bodysuit with aEURHell YeahaEUR (tm) printed on it in dripping Red Lettering. I am wearing striped socks and black leather shoes on my adorable little feet. My pink fingernails and lips have been painted, and my purple wig gives me an edgy, sexy appearance. I created a cozy corner in my bedroom, where IaEUR (tm), host the party. There are lots of creepy decorations on my walls and bedside tables. A spooky Jack-o'-lantern, an eerie trident and some pumpkins are all part of my decorations. I also have signs that say "Trick or Treat" and "Happy Halloween". IaEUR(tm), have even lit candles to add a creepy glow and increase the atmosphere! Dare you join me? I have Preston, my penguin buddy, with me. He is also there, in an adorable cat costume, which includes cataEUR(tm),s ears, and bowtie. A delicious chocolate bat, and chocolate milk are on the agenda. This does however mean my bladder will fill up quickly. My friends can have a look at my Tena Slip Maxi. It would be an unproper party, I think. So I don't mind letting them. To make me feel even better, I tell a frightening ghost story. The story is quite eerie, though, and my bladder feels almost like it's about to burst. The floodgates are opened immediately and a strong steamy jet is sent into my Tena Slip Maxi. I fill it fast. It expands around me and I feel the steamy jet expanding around my Tena Slip Maxi. For the remainder of the party, I enjoy squirming and changing my position to hear the crunching sounds coming from my wet crotch. I now have a scary tale to tell, even though I'm wet. This one is a bit more scary and thrilling than the previous, but I am just slightly biased because I get the adrenaline of being completely submerged in water. It may have been my most memorable party. Although there may not be many tricks, there are certainly some treats.

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