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Date: October 06, 2011

Being a cuckold isn't a part-time deal; it is a lifestyle for this submissive lady that is older. There's nothing this subhuman will not do for his spouse and Dr. Ivy Winters is hoping to get inside his head. The male chastity belt along with his openness to watch his wife fuck other guys is sufficient to create Ivy drool at the options. Ivy smothers him with her pussy until Jon Jon enters the picture. The cuckold is at the mercy of Ivy while her mouth becomes a residency for large, black cock, because she sits on him. Together with the pathetic cuckold barely a minute after she had a massive black cock slithering down her 22, ivy's lips lock. Enough is not enough because Jon Jon fucks that tight white pussy as"needle dick" watches with a sense of envy thrown across his head. His embarrassment forced to suck on her heels and just begins with him wearing her bra. As she proceeds to ridicule the cuckold a mouse could laugh ivy's uterus continues to receive punched by Jon Jon's ginormous black penis. The interracial sex happening during office hours is not ordinary but neither is that the black anaconda that Ivy's driving until her pussy drops out. This session of debauchery that is complete sees Ivy getting her pussy stretched wider than her school level. When Jon Jon unloads his ball snot around Ivy the cuckold's dinner bell rings's beaten pussy. By cleaning up along with his taste buds the mad and middle-aged cuckold does his duty. . . .read more

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