Jasmine in Amazon What are your Special slave skills?

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Date: September 18, 2020

Jasmine, a sexy girl, is enjoying a glass wine on her deck as she relaxes on a lovely summer day. SheaEUR(tm), is looking for a live-in slave. You have the chance to impress and possibly live your life's dream. She would like to see what talents you have. Her household is run entirely by slaves, which gives her the freedom to let them do their own work and not have to supervise or discipline them. With a smile, she said, "All I have do is snap my fingers, and my house bitch will do whatever I ask." After a brief explanation of what slaves do, Miss Jasmine asks her if she is more domestic or if someone just wants to get kicked in the stomach. She adds that you could be either aEURoeOr bothaEUR. JasmineaEUR(tm), your beck and call, will have a lot of tasks that she'll test you at. You might need another person toilet. She tells me that she won't let go of my pussyaEUR, but she will allow you to drink it up. You are ordered to get on the ground and she waves her arms in your direction. She says, "Maybe you could be my pool boyaEUR." Listen as Jasmine discusses other ideas. You can rest assured that she will share some ideas that will spark your curiosity. And when it gets tough, you'll do any thing to get a spot in her world.

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