Jenni Lee Domination CABO, the Return. Part 10 - the Finale.

Tags: Corporal Punishment   Handler   Straight   Ball Gag   Bdsm   Rope Bondage   Anal   Jenni Lee

Category: Submission


Date: June 21, 2005

It's the previous moment. Once Matt has yet another evening of fun with the girls. There is A beautiful sunrise the best setting for a morning flogging. Jenni and donna are staked out and Donna is designed to lick Jenni to the majority of the day. That one includes an anal hook but it isn't your tie although darling is tied into a tree. Late in the afternoon the Sgt. and Matt have all four women distribute and staked. After forcing orgasms it is time to proceed. The Sgt and matt take into the street. Warning: Do not hitchhike at CABO, you will never know who'll pick you up.We hope you appreciated our CABO collection; it is meant to be observed all at one time, so in case you get the chance, please check this out manner. We included a few outtakes, a deleted scene, along with several other goodies. Enjoy the very first day of summer!

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