Josh in Living Room Josh

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From: seancody

Date: August 13, 2018

Josh, a dark and handsome 25-year old retired baker currently works at a gym. HeA is toned and chiseled. His cute bubble bump will make you feel good! HeA spent 10 hours per day at the gym and is now looking to make a shift. People do the sauna, steam room and shower hookup thing. This happens quite often! Josh, who is gay, has been openly gay for only three years and is very happy to be living his truth. After a disappointing experience at the bottom with a 9-inch top, he decided to make a bigger top. Josh says, "IA'll only top with a smaller penis." IA'm a top and IA'd like to think my sex was more animalistic. "I like to have a strong relationship with my bottom. ThereA's lots of dirty talking."

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