Keira Kensley

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Date: November 17, 2009

Im hoping to go legit and stop my life of crime. So that I could leave my life of crime behind 20, I had some white-boy write my term paper. The newspaper was awarded an"F" and that I was angry as fuck since I paid off the dude a fantastic quantity of cash to write it for me personally. I received my crew of Justin and Ace Long and we broke in to their place. It looks like him and Kiera Kinsley, his mommy, awakened to fuck me over and I wasnt gonna have that. My team and I threatened to turn the place upside down until we got my pay back but the MILF offered pussy and her mouth upwards for over 3 feet of black cocks. Because her bitch boy watched his mom get what was coming to her, she was tossed by us all over the bed. We forgave the debt because theyll now require that cash for family treatment.

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