Lana III in Real Orgasms Cuddle Girl

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From: ftvgirls

Date: August 7, 2016

As LanaA, the super-stylish LanaA continues her adventure as she wakes up in the morning with us snuggled in bed. She sleeps with her big, beautiful naturals and then she stretches out on the bed. Some sheets are torn so she can use them as rope for her breasts. She also does some mini-bondage. She then suckles on her toes and indulges in foot fetish. We can then enjoy her breasts being massaged, squeezed, and a lot of butt play in the restroom. Then she goes back to bed and uses her fingers for masturbating, giving us a natural, sensual, and comfortable orgasm. It's so beautiful to see her breasts when she does this... The sporty girl goes back for more active sessions, this time out on a mountain trail. We get to see her take her top off, climb/run up, and she is so much fun! After finding a cave, she ends up finger-rubbing herself. She continues the public nudity at breakfast, where she is so cute teasing her intimates. Another dancing session is underway with Lana. This time, she's wearing heels and the shot was shot differently, with more focus on her beautiful face and figure. She ends up rolling up her legs, spitting pee all the way to the top. She then takes a break to interview and finds a suction cup dildo. She then rides the suction cup dildo on her kitchen counter spreading her cheeks to show how it penetrates her. Finally, she stands against a mirror. She masturbates, her legs extended behind her head and her ass in the air. Then she has yet another intense orgasm, with visible vaginal contractions. Then we get even closer shots of her privates and labia stretching. She then finds a long necklace of beads and puts them in her vagina. Then she pulls them out. They then go in her butt and she eventually gets them all! The thing got really into her butt. SheA's now back in her running clothes and is showing her flexibility. This was another great adventure for Lana. SheA's undoubtedly one of FTV's most stunning girls.

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