Lindy Public Nudity Hard Masturbator

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Category: Outdoors


Date: February 25, 2011

This Total First Timer is about penetration and masturbation in a huge way! We observe her on a hot sunny day stroll down an office place, sporting a cute white dress & heels... and she moves right to taking her panties off and squeezing it together with her glass toy! She goes on to pound herself with all an horse, masturbating hard with such intensity Even though there is some risk in the area! A little nervous about masturbating in public, she returns home to keep the hard pounding... to some very strong squirting orgasm! She squirts on the photographer. Afterward she does a intense gaping & closeups of her private parts, you truly see it up close! She experiments with fisting, also gets in deep! Hard & deep fisting from other positions for a intense start. She heads wearing heels and a hot black dress. Stripping naked, she feels free to do something really kinky... sitting on the measures of their entryway, she takes four golf balls and stuffs them deep within her! Watch them bounce down the steps and pop out. As the previous ball squeezes out she squirts! Extreme! Back home, she tries going as strong as she can double penetrating herself with one glass in her butt, also and two glass toys play. Continuing the glass theme, she moves heavy and attempts driving the Glass FTV Toy! Shes an athletic kind of woman, so its out to the hiking trail, flashing away with folks going up and down the mountain! She takes it further... profound fisting herself right there on the road while people hike by!! For you intense lovers, enjoy this girl who will meet your fetishes!

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