Lizzie Tucker

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Date: October 14, 2010

Resident boy, Chip, is back for a return engagement without collapse. His inability to master the art of picking up girls have to be a result of the simple fact that the lack of bulge in his trousers....and genes. Lizzie Tucker isn't curious about his rap or he looks like a troll. Lizzie's eyes are fixated on the length of his big black dick when vertical, or Byron Long who's seated only a few feet away from her. His game hastens Chip's and they're soon making out while pitching Chip a bone in the kind of allowing him to observe. Chip attains master Cuckold standing as he watches where he failed Byron succeed: getting Lizzie to put out. Since he's packing a dick that conveys exactly the identical circumference of a fire hydrant, byron's trouser snake fits indoors the mouth of Lizzie. With Chip his salami slides within her formerly-tight pussy. Lizzie off doesn't faze because her birth canal grows to a size that she's ruined for all white guys in the future. When her pussy overflows out of a cream pie that Chip cleans up her dip to the sex pool comes to a end. . . .read more

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