Lola Foxx Girl On Girl Lola Loves Jada

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Date: November 27, 2014

Last time I (Lola Foxx) did anal with a girl, it was all about her teaching me how to select the toy in my bum, and instructing my asshole the way to stretch about different sized toys and plugs. This time I kinda wanna receive a sexy brunette girl (Jada Stevens) with a major butt like mineand show our butts piled against one another and displaying off them together. And I wanna take a toy and put it inside her buttocks, and really show her the way to stretch her butt. And look inside, and put different sized baits in her and place my fingers inside and actually explore her asshole. And I want her pull it out and in and set a toy inside my asshole, then then to go to me and then lick my pussy until I've got an assgasm at precisely exactly the same moment and a orgasm while she does it. This is my second time with anal so Im a little nervous but Jadas a pro and I wan na na demonstrate her that I could play with the big girls. I wan na na demonstrate her that I could take a big toy and I need her fuck my butt so I have an orgasm, and to eat my pussy. And that I want her to taste the toy, and see what I taste just like indoors. Thats my fantasy: its going to come true, and anal intercourse with Jada Stevens.

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