Madison in Eating Ebony Madison's stool bound Ass licker

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Date: January 12, 2021

Miss Madison is just one of a number Mistresses that have tied their slaves on stools and made them lick their asses. As she sits comfortably above her slave and holds her tongue, her lips are warm on the hole. He's now relegated, his arms tied to the stool. She tells him, "Maybe if I do a good job sniffing your ass, you can lick it later." You don't have to sniff my ass, what good are you for? She tells the slave to sniff while she is talking. She laughs and says, "Since that's your speciality." He reaches for her and pulls down her pants. She tells her how embarrassing it is to need such needs. The sex of Miss Madison is extraordinary. He sighs in anticipation when she shows his sweet spot with her plump cheeks. But not so quickly! He is asked to stick his tongue out, and then gently place it on her anus. He should anticipate feeling the excitement of his tongue being in his anus and his taste buds tingling. She tells him that he should lick with slow, gentle strokes, but it is about his pleasure and not hers. He sits straight up, then she pulls his head in her ans and presses it against his face. She demands, "Eat this ass!" You can see how excitedly this slave is to lick and spank her sock. He tells her to clean up because her boyfriend will be coming over. It's also important that he does not catch the boyfriend with them like that, as he may not know how she feels about him. She is finally satisfied and gets up to leave the chair. The slave can enjoy her delicious taste until then.

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