Mahina in Gasmask I hope you're THIRSTY

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Date: March 12, 2021

Goddess Mahina lies on her bed, brushing her hair, and discussing how her stepbrother is her toilet. He also fluffs her boyfriend's tongue. This allows her to wash her of any dirt, whether it be her body sweat, her ripe ans, or her pussy. He is kept in the closet during this scene as she needs some time alone with her. She says, "This power turns my on," as she begins playing with her own self. You are told she's a big squirter, and she would love to spray your face with it. But first, she asks that you lick her feet, and then she will shower you. You can see her feet and toes in close-up action. As she lies naked on her bed, you can clearly see how happy the Goddess is having fun. Are you ready for some suffering? She asks. She adds, "Just a little pain to taste my juices," as she presses her lips into her genitals. You can also kiss her genitals, and she will let you lick yours. She loves to have her fucked. She closes her eyes, rubbing her own scrotums and describing how the man she loves feels in her sex. She tells you, "Come up and open your mouth. I want to give you all my juices." Amazingly, Mahina expels enough fluid over the next few minutes to soak you and the bed. She orders, "YouAre so good at fucking slave. Now lick all of my juices up."

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