Mr. Pete in Vaginal Penetration Date Delayed: Mr Pete Finally Gets Some Private Time With Chloe Cherry

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Category: Natural Tits

From: sexandsubmission

Date: September 13, 2019

PeteA is a bit obsessed with Chloe Cherry, his ex-classmate. HeA has always wanted to meet her on a first date, but for some reason, itAs not happened. HeA's become more obsessed as the years go by. HeA's going to get the date. He ties Chloe up, and straps her. Then he has his say by face-fucking, cropping, and then fiddling with her. He immediately takes Chloe to a empty classroom, and begins to flog and crop her. The man puts on a good vibe and takes her to eat. This prepares her for what is yet to come. After she realizes what heA's up to, he inserts his thick cock in her mouth and faces her. Instead of putting his cock into her mouth, he thrusts deep into her throat. She gags and chokes like a professional. Although he may not have ever been on a date, he is well aware that ChloeAs an unkempt cocky who loves to fuck in any hole. He flips her upside down and starts to fuck her. To push her forward, he turns her upside down and uses a vibrator to turn her around. He leaves her alone after he's finished with her. He knows that she desires it.

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