Nerine Mechanique in fetish Sensual Flogging 101 - with Cleo Dubois

Tags: Fetish   Straight   Pain

Category: Kinky Fetish

From: kinkuniversity

Date: August 3, 2014

Cleo Dubois explains the basics of sensual Flogging. She demonstrates, using Nerine Mechanique as her demo bottom how you can use the flogger to discover and excite your body's vast range of pleasures. Cleo also provides advice on flogger safety and timing and demonstrates how to effectively flog stances. You and your partner can share energy in a new way with informed consent and focused intention. Cleo DuboisMentor is a BDSM/kink coach, and community player. Cleo has taught kinksters to be good friends for almost as many years as she has played. Cleo created Academy of SM Arts in order to help people explore their erotic fantasies and dispel myths about SM/Fetish. Her work is rooted in leather and aims to connect heat, heart, and spirit.

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