Nina Elle

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Date: November 15, 2016

Nina Elle has a confession to make, and shes going to create it straight. Its not as easy to confess your tresspasses and sins, but Ninas likely to. . .right now. Shes a cheater, and shes become a chronic event. Look at how she confesses. . .you can see its not easy for her. And literally seconds after she finishes, the room is entered by her fan. In their residence. The house Hubby pays for. . .the home they raised their children. Hubbys on the job and the kids at school and he lover is packing 13 thick inches of dark meat. His balls are complete, too. Nina drops to her knees and opens wide before he peels her lingerie off. . .and afterward Nina spreads her wrists wide as her cunt is stretched into areas shes. Her pussy will erupt, spraying the floor and the furniture. Shell have orgams. Its"wrong" and"taboo" and it could get Nina at a great deal of trouble. . .which is why Nina Elle does it.

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