No Dignity

Tags: Metal Gag   Dildo   Drool   Posture Collar   Shackles   Metal Bondage   Celebrator   Alisha Adams   2012

Category: Lick & Suck -- Oral


Date: September 21, 2012

It's almost comical these versions think alike. They are available in expecting some sort of glamorous shoot and invariably do not see something is wrong the next PD makes the decision to put them into bondage.Some of them consider it greater than Alisha Adams, though. She begins complaining the second she sets eyes on PD. It is almost like she does not realize that she does not have any power in this circumstance. The cold iron must have given her a hint. It looks like he'll only need to be subtle. He strips down her and locks her back up, not just to expose her also to show her how much control he has over her life right now. Whether she believes pleasure or pain is a matter of how he feels at the present time. 1 second he is whipping her into tears and the next she is cumming in his command. She has no modesty or dignity left, so that she may as well learn how to love it.She is going to have a long time to think about that. The chair which PD straps her to she thinks is a temporary arrangement. Between the vicious medical gag in her mouth and leg bondage, then the constricting position collar and the arm, Alisha considers that he will set her loose. He could expect her to survive that for long. She is convinced he will be accomplished with her 20, when he puts up the system for her cunt. It's not until the lights turn out and shuts the door that the reality finally dawns on her.

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