Peeing Caged Alisha

Tags: Peeing

Category: Pissing

From: hdwetting

Date: January 5, 2022

Alisha, who is desperate to pee, has been locked up in a cage wearing nothing but her bra and pants. Nikko holds the key but won't let Alisha out until she has pissed in her pants. This video shows Alisha locked up in her cage. Alisha is desperate to pee. Alisha is desperate to pee. Nikko holds the key to her cage but refuses to allow it to be opened. Nikko wants Alisha's embarrassing incident in her panties. Alisha struggles not to wet herself and does not want to make Nikko happy. AlishaaEUR (tm), who is thoroughly enjoying her discomfort, Nikko teases and taunts her. Alisha eventually feels the bladder pressure getting too intense. She has an unfortunate accident with her underwear as the camera zooms in. It is clear to see that the water runs from her cotton pants and her legs are tickled. Nikko refuses to allow Alisha out, despite having peed in her pants. Nikko insists that Alisha wait in the puddle until she returns. Nikko then leaves. Alisha, now wet and embarrassed, is left to reflect only on the accident.

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