Peeing Pink Pajama Wetting

Tags: Peeing

Category: Pissing

From: hdwetting

Date: January 5, 2022

The video shows Sosha lying in bed in pink pajamas and masturbating. She doesn't feel completely comfortable, despite lying down in her pajamas and being dressed casually. It is obvious that she needs to go. She gets on her knees and goes to the toilet instead of acting like a normal girl. She then, in desperation and holding her breath, pees. As streams of urine force their way through her fingers, the pink pajamas she wears become visible wet. She ends up soaking not only her pink pajamas but also her blankets, mattress, and pillows. She is now a fan of the warmth, wetness and relief that comes with having just emptied her bladder. She is still wearing her pee-soaked pajamas and masturbates. She finds the whole experience even more exciting because of her still warm pee. She can reach an exhilarating climax in a matter of minutes. She realizes that her bed and she are in a mess. She removes her wet pajama pant and goes to the washroom.

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