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Date: May 10, 2017

As women do I get my own way. It means flirting with the ideal person. Occasionally it means allowing someone smack my bum on occasion. Sometimes it means letting the boss toss me over his desk and fuck me until he's drained his balls.When the large supervisor OT called me to his office I believed I understood what I was going to get to do. I shake my pretty little ass in his face. Bat my eyes and he'd ignore the fact that my earnings have been dropping. Rather OT needed his own ideas. I played along when he smacked my ass a little too hard. After he started tying me up and took ropes out I believed he just wanted to fuck me that the kinky way. I had been wrong. He had no interest in sex. He did need to touch me , than fondling, but it never went any further. I ached for a cock in me, but OT only used me the way he wanted.OT decided to utilize a penis inside me, although it wasn't exactly what I wanted or anticipated. It was huge and plastic. He pushed it deep within my cunt while my ass hung on the edge of the box. He whipped me. He tied my wrists back to my own hair and gave me the most incredible orgasms, but I just wanted his penis inside me.Finally I found myself in a barrel at which he left me all night. I had no idea what to expect.

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