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Date: March 3, 2019

Miss Raevyn will whip you into submission. You do all kinds of horrible things because I am a woman. But today, she says you must do something dirty. She said that the more disgusting things you do the harder it is for her to tolerate you. Raevyn is laying on her back, with her Man up. As she touches her own pussy, she pulls her shirt back to show you how much he fucked her. She says that aEURoeItaEURTM is still tinglingaEUR You're told he's real and that you're not, but she can tell you to close your eyes and pretend itaEUR (tm). You are to place your nose between the cheeks of his ansies and, while you're at it, you can touch his head and stroke his cock. Maybe he'll try harder next time and want to have more fun with me. Raevyn says that he can't stop fucking me, just as I can't get enough humiliating you. She tells her, "I want your manaEUR(tm), ass on my breathaEUR." Your friends may smell it, and then say "Your breath smells of ass manaEUR" and laugh. Raevyn now makes her lover eat her ass. Raevyn wants you to prove to him that you are willing to do whatever she asks. He already knows that you sucking his cum out my pussyaEUR, she said, aEURoeand she thinks youaEUR(tm). Raevyn will remind you of how poor you are and how you can be humiliated while she is locked in chastity. AEURoeHe not only gets to fiss me, but also has his stomach emptied by you. She laughs and says that you can even make fun of him as a p1gaEUR. He will face-sit you until your eyes are closed, and then she'll fuck you again. aEURoeLoser!aEUR

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