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Date: May 20, 2014

At the last scene of Rain DeGrey's live BaRS series, we take this already fucked cumslut and creep up the pace to destruction. We have already fucked her hard and with no mercy in all 3 holes, and she is so deep to subspace that was sexual that she could barely sit up. We'd set this bitch into a box as she is so ruined that she's babbling while we set up the final place to provide her a moment to compose herself. It didn't assist her. She's practically drooling on herself.Hauling that this massive titted slut out of her cage we put her woozy buttocks into the Bolero straightjacket from the Stockroom. The black leather contrasts and limits her, making her completely helpless to your drilling down she is about to receive. Her breasts jut outside and tip to the ceiling. We put her down on the bed and get to work.Rain is ragdoll fucked in every which way, tossed about like a bag of pockets. We use her mouth, pussy and ass as we see fit. We then sandwich her involving try and two rock hard dicks to meet in the middle. Since the cocks possess her soul, Rain's eyes roll into the back of her mind and she speaks in tongues. This is exactly what possessed by cock looks like. The lights are on but no one is home.We end up by spread-eagling her out and squeezing her well used pussy, savagely ripping out orgasm after orgasm. A neck rope holds her in place, preventing her from moving or going. She can not stop cumming, can't hold every orgasm breaks her down a little bit more. This whore has been completely destroyed by us. This is what sexually broken seems like.

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