Ryan McLane in Learn To Love Your Body

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From: nurumassage

Date: May 8, 2019

Khloe enters a spa to get a massage. She looks bright and happy as Ryan McLane approaches her. Khloe tells Ryan McLane that she's not there for the massage but is more concerned about her stomach and would rather lie on her back. Ryan politely reminded her that they are professionals and she had paid for a full body massage. But it was ultimately about comfort! Ryan takes her to the room, where Khloe is dressed. RyanA gently guides her to the massage table. She then allows herself to relax under his firm, but gentle touch. Khloe feels less anxious and more relaxed as he moves from her shoulders to her feet. She feels great, in fact. Ryan asked her if she wanted to turn over for him to massage her back. Ryan massages Khloe's back, and then he flips her over on her stomach. Khloe is more excited the more Ryan shows her love for it as he kneads it. She can't bear the tension any longer once Ryan begins massaging her pussy. Now it's time for some laughter! Khloe, radiant with confidence, sinks RyanA's head into her pussy and then opens up to RyanA. Khloe enjoys the moment Ryan sinks her cock in her pussy. All worries about Khloe's self-image disappear as she lets Ryan have fun with her. She chose to indulge in the full-body massage.

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