Samantha in BellyFetish The things he'll DO to Keep his Job

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Date: January 8, 2021

T (Mistress T), and Samantha (Goddess Samantha), are sitting at the desk when Justin, one of their warehouse guys comes in to talk. She tells Justin that things have been slow in their warehouse and they need to fire someone. This unemployed dolt cannot afford to lose his job in a difficult economy. He might also lose his girlfriend, and his life would be meaningless. T informs him that he might have to kiss his girlfriend in order to keep his job. Are you ready to have an ass kiss? Samantha questions. He does not believe they are saying it literally until he's ordered to drop to his knees. T remarks, "Look at him that didn't hesitate to drop to his knees. What kind of man would do that?" T tells Justin then to keep his tongue open and Samantha giggles when he suddenly shakes. They plan to make sure this sap remains in good condition and milk it as much as possible. T turns to T and leans against the desk. He asks him if strong women have such power that they can control you. If so, will you be able to make your rent? It does, he replies. T stands up, and she tells him that she has sweaty and dirty ass. She then raises her skirt to reveal she's not wearing pants. He is shocked and says that she has to clean her ass. She replies, "Yes, I am. You will do it every day regardless of how my stomach is doing." She makes him kiss her cheeks and orders him to open his mouth again. He is instructed to gently give her a few butterfly kisses. It's very sweaty, isn't? He responds. Then, he is instructed to lie down on his back and gently lick the hole. When his tongue isn't giving him much pleasure, she examines it and then says, with dismay, "It's fat, small, and short." She continues to lick his tongue and then turns her back. He has a short tongue so she stands and says to him, "Smooth your dick." Samantha has him place his head between Samantha's cheeks. She has had enough of the licking to make any man rock-hard, so she takes another look at her husband's cock. He isn't even able to see it. He is told by her, "You are fired." T and Samantha are back at their desk when the scene ends. Samantha hears T say, "I have done something wrong." He explains that the man they fired earlier in day was called back to give him another chance. He was so fun, I don't think I will rehire him. Samantha responds, "You're vicious", just like there's a knock at the door. Now Justin is reaching for T's soles. T asks Justin, "Do you ever lick the feet of your girlfriend?" T questions him, and he replies that he does not. He asks her if they have a camera and what it is being recorded. They suggest that they call her and tell her the details. He begs them to not tell him. Samantha then puts her entire foot into his mouth, and he makes slurping noises like he's sucking on cocks. They think he may be a homosexual who suckers cocks even though he does it so well that they suspect if he is not with his girlfriend. Justin is humiliated, degraded and abused by T. They then send Justin away. He said, "The young people are too stupid. Did he think that we would keep him around?" T and T both laugh loudly, a man's heart broken. Justin perseveres despite being humiliated and degraded. They finally tell Justin that they are done with him, and fire him. He is told to get out of the office and show his sorry side. The Bosses are a laughing bunch and Justin feels completely devastated.

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