Samantha in CockSlapping Crushed by MY Magnificent Ass POV

Tags: Cockslapping   Lactating   Chastity   Bdsm   Pussyworship   Smallpenishumiliation   Handovermouth   Breathplay   Assworship   Punching   Bellyfetish   Corporalpunishment   Hirsute   Encouragedbi   Teaseanddenial   Biting   Bubblebutt   Feeder   Analabuse   Stilettos   Smokin

Category: Rubber


Date: June 3, 2013

She is not only stunning, but she also has the most beautiful and magnificent arses. She struts in red heels, a black spandex bodysuit and sexy sex. In this sexy POV, she wants you to be on your knees and worship her ass. As she is so high above you, it's easy to notice her incredible breast cleavage. You would give anything to her and she has the power to drive you insane. This is what she knows, and how powerful her control over you. You want to be crushed by her amazing asses and sacrifice yourself for her.

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