Sarah Blake in tickling Sarah Blake

Tags: Tickling   Bdsm   Vaginal Penetration   Handler   Foot Torture   Ball Gag   Domination   Zipper

Category: Bondage

From: hogtied

Date: December 4, 2006

Sarah Blake is, first and foremost, the most beautiful, sexiest, and cutest girl in the world. This is also the most exciting Hogtied I've ever seen, and IA really means it. Cyd Black was my double-team Sarah and it took us REAL TIME. No breaks, no edits, one continuous take. All the untying and tying are visible. It all happens without interruptions. Sarah was simply amazing. From the beginning, we jumped Sarah and she never stopped breathing. Sarah was able to handle it all, including the many orgasms and the foot torture, intense tickling, Category 5 wrist suspension, and the extreme tickling. Sarah was the one who made it all possible.

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