The Extended Feed of Miss..

Tags: Metal Bondage   Head Bondage   Pogo   Vibrator   Wate   Legs Spread   Abigail Dupree   2015

Category: BDSM porn


Date: August 29, 2015

We've completed water torture. It's among the oldest and most kinds of inducing pain and breaking a subject. Our topic is Abigail Dupree. Young, sexy, and so anal, Abigail arrived her of her own free will and begged us to perform our worst. She's felt other implements of agony, whips, power and canes she never imagined that she would be busted by something as straightforward as the steady drip of water. What begins as whimpering and silent resolve eventually turns into sobs and begging for mercy. She can't cum. She can't think. She can t escape. Everything about this experience is terrible because of her, and she's a lot more left to suffer through. A live feed is never so simple as to allow a woman go after only one treatment. And Abigail's feed thus we have much more.

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