Trampling Cuckold For My Spit

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Category: Asian


Date: July 26, 2018

Miss XI is bound to you on the ground. She arrives and you wait impatiently. You are a terrible husband. It's obvious that you are nothing more than her cuckold. When she dresses so sensually with flawless makeup, it only means one thing: SheaEUR(tm). Will be out on a date. XI is aware that youaEUR(tm);ve long longed for her attention. Anything that involves verbal humiliation, aEUR’ a slap or kick, and even her spit would be an amazing dream. After asking if your lipstick is good, she makes you want to spit. You can imagine the beautiful lipstick she uses and how it would feel. Although you can imagine them, all that is left to think about is the sweet fluid she drips into her slave's mouth. You are asked to open your mouth and let out a large amount of Goddess fluid. You are instructed to let some of the fluid drip on to the ground and then to lick as much as possible. You will be asked to thank her for the spit, and the opportunity to lick it. She makes you promise that she will not touch her lips. Ever. You also have a new nickname, she says: aEURoeYour new nickname is spittoon because thataEUR[tm]s all you are.aEUR If youaEUR[tm]re an obedient Sub, it is only possible to imagine being able to lick the saliva while XI has hot sex. You are even allowed to play with her spit while you're out on your date. It was a wonderful night for all!

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