Tyler Rush in oral sex Bank Manager Abducted and Edged to His Limit Menonedge.com

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From: menonedge

Date: July 26, 2016

Sebastian and Jackson were running an errand at the bank when Tyler Rush, a hot ass, spotted them at the teller windows. Jackson thinks Tyler is even more hot without his suit, so they knock down the security guard to drag Tyler away from an abandoned factory. Tyler is caught in the doorway and struggles to get out. Sebastian and Jackson cut Tyler's clothes to reveal that he was a hardened dick. Jackson seduces Tyler and Tyler pleads for him to take his cum. Jackson turns his attention towards Tyler, taking his toes in his mouth and Sebastian shaking his head. Jackson offers Tyler a full rimjob just when Tyler isn't ready for more. Sebastian bends Tyler to his will and probes Tyler's hunger hole. Tyler soon begins to take dildos at both ends and is unable to resist the edging. The poor captive is flipped over by the guards, who allow Tyler to free himself from his burden. However, the evening ends with a painfully polished and tickled ending.

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