yes, Yes, YES!

Tags: Legs Spread   Celebrator   Toe Bondage   Foot Torture   Face Bondage   Nipple Clamps   Pussy Whipping   Metal Bondage   Paddle   Caning   Thigh Caning   Pussy Caning   Ass Caning   Winnie Rider   2014

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Date: June 13, 2014

Winnie Rider enjoys pussy torture. I'm not sure we're Tail to say anything else. She so hot, she s willing, she's begging to get us to harm her. Her body language says as much as her voice. She leans forward how much pleasure she gets from suffering through extreme punishment, when she tells us. Pain toys and also metal bondage apparatus we bring out she will play with. Winnie's wearing a pretty dress . OT cuts away quickly, showing her body. Her tits are business and large. Her pussy is shaved clean, a great target for his whip to crack against. Her bum is a round target with no blemish on it. Not yet, at the least. In a couple of moments it is going to have a mix of bruises from a heavy caning and the mild crisscrossing marks of a harsh whipping. She told us that her favorite thing was pussy torture, however, and we didn't neglect. OT will flog, cane, whip and throw her pussy. That won't be all that happens. Bondage isn't for thighs and arms. Until she looks how OT desires her to, hooks and clamps contort her face. . Nothing is going to continue to keep her from setting the impacts that are going to come down on her cunt although it s distracting and uncomfortable. Now her slot full of the metal dildo she is so tender. It doesn't matter. OT lbs Winnie using the toy until she has an explosive orgasm. This doesn't even start to describe the intensity. Winnie wasn't kidding when she said she loved pussy torture. Getting mistreated like she'd had her dripping wet and ready before the steel cock was inside to blow. She s yelling but it doesnher stops .

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